Sunday, January 04, 2009


Ulrika Johnson has entered the Big Brother house and already proceeded to show all the character and personality as a boil on yer bum!

Verne Troyer was talking to the house saying that he didn't need constant help, even though he looked like he was struggling. Ulrika then began comparing the plight of a midget in modern society with the time she had a bad back. Somehow, this is a comparison that neither needed to be more nor was appropriate for the scenario.

Ulrika doesn't REALLY deserve fame, does she? I mean, she started her career as a weathergirl, then was in the same room as Vic and Bob when they were being entertaining on Shooting Stars, then she had sexual relations with a very ugly football manager, then told the world that she spun the Wheel Of Fortune with John Leslie and it landed on "Rape" (which she used as a "whodunnit"-esque marketing point to flog her memoirs) and then she was on Celebrity Big Brother.

Read that through...does that really sound like the rags and riches story of a person who gave it all to reach the top of her profession.

Fill in the gap in this sentence: Despite everything, Ulrika has always strived to reach her career goal as the best ________ in the entertainment world.

See the problem, there?