Sunday, January 26, 2014

RADIO FOR YOUR EYES: Skyline Radio, London!

Back to this blogging malarkey with some more visual goodness.

I stumbled across this ages ago and, for some reason, I'm fascinated by it.  It follows the goings on of a London pirate radio station.  It's all wonderfully 80s and I get the vibe that these guys were utter radio nerds who just wanted to host on the radio.

Things to watch for.
- The confused look on Steve Fox's face when he plays the sound of a cockrel.
- David Gates constant mentions of Gill St. James in what I believe to be an attempt to get into her knickers.
- Gill St. James spending MORE time talking about her nail varnish than the frankly more interesting story of her hanging out with Wham!
- The chap selling the girls Skyline merchandise cracking a joke that was COMPLETELY ignored.
- Alan Jones' groundbreaking "SLURP YOUR TEA" feature...appearing on Tom Campbell@Breakfast soon.
- Things kicking into high gear when THE BOOGEYMAN rocks up!!

Enjoy.  It's in equal measures wonderful, awkward and satisfyingly geeky.