Sunday, January 19, 2014

RADIO FOR YOUR EYES: Smashie & Nicey End Of An Era

You want to know what caused REAL damage to the radio world?  It's surprisingly not national networking or the was Harry Enfield's Television Programme.  Harry and Paul Whitehouse brought to our attention, through Smashie and Nicey, how cheesy radio presenters were.  It wouldn't be a stretch to hold them completely responsible for the massive changes at Radio 1 (which you can watch on my blog here).

Despite the destruction they caused, Smashie and Nicey were incredibly well-observed.  Their final outing is not only their greatest of all, but many consider this Harry Enfield's mangum opus!  It charts the entire career of Radio FAB's finest from their early days on board Radio Geraldine all the way to Mike Smash's messy breakup and on-air meltdown.  Every radio presenter I know (including grate mate Mike Peters who introduced it to me) has seen this and agrees it's possibly the greatest comedy show of all time.

What's that? You HAVEN'T SEEN IT?  Right...put the kettle on, get your best Detford Draylons sweater on and get comfortable, muh'darling...this is "Smashie & Nicey: End Of An Era".