Friday, July 04, 2014

"You're the closest thing to Hollywood" - Pete Wagstaff

So recording one of the last School Of The Week visits for this term on Signal107 I met the biggest fan of my co-presenter, the better looking half of Breakfast radio and general Signal107 News-Face Amy Stubbs.

When I popped into the class to meet the kids who'd be recording bits for the show next week, one girl very shyly put her hand up and asked "Is Amy Stubbs with you today?" When I answered no you could see how crushed she was that it was just "the man one" and not her favourite.  But when I suggested that we could give her a call, I have never seen anybody so excited outside of Christmas!

To me and Amy it was a phone call, a few minutes out of the schedule...but to this girl it was - as you could clearly see - the best thing that's happened to her all week.  Amy was her usual charming, delightful self on the phone as this young girl, shaking and with tears in her eyes, giggled a hello and asked how old Amy was, totally overwhelmed that she was on the phone with the lady she listens to every morning.

None of this is hyperbole, by the way...that would be too easy.

I've never seen a reaction like I have today and it made me so happy to see.  One simple phonecall and this girl was on cloud nine.  When we hung up and Amy's superfan remembered how to talk all she wanted to do was ask questions about Amy - what she looked like, was she nice to work with, what colour is her hair - it was fabulous.  Of course, the boys all piped up and said I was the best (cheers lads) but the girls all rallied behind their starstruck friend saying that Amy Stubbs was just wonderful.

It's easy to get lost in the science, the coaching, the demographics, the RAJARs, the numbers and the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of a radio station and forget that what we do on air is still powerful.  We go into the studio, we talk, we play songs, we read news, we banter, we read travel news, we play games, we sign off and we go home...but we do it all for hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people and when you're behind the microphone you don't see that impact.  This morning me and Amy did what we always do and probably didn't put too much thought into it.  To have Amy's superfan recalling those things we talked about and laughing at the way Amy told me to "shut up and get on with it" is a reminder of how extraordinary our job really is.

We put light in people's day...and you know what, it doesn't take a whole lot to make that person's day even more special.  It was just a phone Amy's Superfan aged 9 it was the moment she spoke to a superstar and to her hero and she will remember that forever.

So next time you're presenting at an event and somebody comes over whilst you're in the middle of something VERY important (like checking the levels on a CD or counting the car stickers) just stop and make a fuss of them - ask them about them, take a photo with them, record a video message for their kids who couldn't make it to the event - go the extra mile.  It's seconds to you but a lifetime to them.

Have a good weekend, Team!