Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The World Of Made-Up Radio Presenters

Every radio presenter worth his salt knows all about "Grade Mates" Smashie and Nicey.  Every jock who's been around the block is familiar with "Alan's Deep Bath" from Norfolk Nights.  However there's many more brilliantly observed fictional radio presenters in the world of TV and film that have either slipped your mind or you may have missed altogether.

I've done you a list and critiqued the stations...because I'm a loser like that.  You're welcome.

Weenie and The Butt (Family Guy)
Broadcasting on WQHG-FM across Quahog, it's the wacky stylings of Weenie and The Butt that keeps the town moving on a morning.  Remember, a good radio show is only truly judged on the amount of wacky sound effects they squeeze in.
However there seems to be a confusion as to who they are broadcasting to as Weenie and The Butt have given away Celine Dion tickets AND Justin Bieber tickets in the past, suggesting that WQHG isn't entirely sure what it's target audience is.
FUN FACT: WQHG-FM is owned by the same people who own Quahog 5 News.

Dr. Frasier Crane (Frasier)
I've been watching Frasier pretty much every morning for the last few months on Channel 4.  The show is so well written I keep forgetting that, fundamentally, it's a sitcom about a radio presenter.  Frasier started in 1993 and concluded in 2004, from that we can be sure that Dr. Crane hosted the afternoon timeslot for  over a decade.  In the wireless world that's a pretty good innings.

We know that Frasier was pressured to create a sung jingle for his show.  Why didn't KACL simply buy a jingle package for the whole station? Even so, why did we only hear the sung jingle once?  Was a decision made that the show simply didn't require new imaging?

FUN FACT:  KACL was, briefly, an all-salsa music station.  The format proved unpopular and it reverted back to a lifestyle talk station.

Chris Great (Harry Enfield's Brand Spanking New Show)
Harry Enfield attempted to replicate the popularity of Smashie and Nicey by parodying Chris Evans when he was at his most megalomaniacal.  It was great radio...as long as you agreed with Chris.

FUN FACT: Chris Great pioneered the game-changing feature "Handcuffed To A Radiator".

Handsome Dan (Wayne's World 2)
In true radio style, the "handsome" guy...erm...wasn't handsome.  Nor was he a good intereviewer.  However he very much believed in the power of a live jingle.

The one thing that would improve Handsome Dan's output tenfold would be hiring a producer to load the carts for him.  He seems unable to multi-task like some presenters.

FUN FACT: Yes, that's Principle Skinner from The Simpsons

Eddie Shoestring (Shoestring)
A private detective previously suffering a nervous breakdown makes for an excellent talk show host.

Eddie was the cream of the Radio West line-up in Bristol although station owner Don wasn't always happy with how his private eye work got in the way of Radio West's commercial interests.

FUN FACT: Radio West started up for real a year after Shoestring ended.  It's now Heart West Country.  I hope this eventually means Roberto will become a private detective.