Sunday, April 17, 2016

"I Want To Talk To Nicholas..."

I've been a massive fan of Iain Lee forever.  Now he's back on late night radio the wireless is a much better place.  In all the years I've listened to Iain I've heard nothing quite like what went down on Friday night between him and "Mr Ethical".

This all started with a spat on Twitter in which a chap called Nicholas.  Nicholas is fighting the fight against HSBC and tax evasion within the government (if you check out Nicholas on Twitter you can get a better idea of it all) and somebody suggested to Nicholas that he reach out to Iain to talk about it.  Minutes after that quite an aggressive back-and-forth erupted on my timeline.  Two very different personalities clashed and swords were drawn.  This was merely Act One!

That night on the show Iain took a call from Nicholas and said he'd give him the time to talk.  What happened over half an hour was a rollercoaster of a conversation the likes of which hasn't been heard on radio in a long, long time.  It ranges from out-and-out aggression, frustration, sympathy and even some moments of breakthrough. Nicholas' mission was to talk about the injustice in the banking system he's fighting yet Iain was more interested in Nicholas The Human.

Take some time out of your Sunday to absorb what happened via the link's enlightening, it's awkward at times but on the whole it's an incredible bit of radio.