Wednesday, April 27, 2016

FIVE FOR FINDING : 5 Radio Shows That Are Definitely Worth A "Listen Again"...

I try and catch as much radio as I can - normally to the point of utter distraction.  I cast my ears across loads of radio shows and stations every week but there's five shows through the power of Listen Again and Podcasts that I keep coming back to for all the right reasons.

So with that in mind and in pocket, this is my slightly official FIVE FOR FINDING!  A quintet of radio presentations that I hold responsible for my roaming data charges going through the roof.

Before you shout about how wrong I am to leave out Crispy McCrackers from the Biscuits FM Breakfast Zoo, I just want to point out this is a very personal list. However feel free to Tweet me and point me in the direction of Crispy's said Breakfast Zoo, I'd love to listen!

1. James Dundon - Heart Cornwall Drivetime
When I finally got round to listening to James Dundon, as a fellow Heart Drivetime presenter, I realised the game had been raised.  James isn't an over-complicated presenter, he's a wordsmith with a touch of Kenny Everett who is nigh-on perfect with upbeat listener "bants".  James is a really fun, casual listen and he's worth an ear - get the Heart app, set your location to Cornwall and go to Listen Again.

Martin Lowes is edgy, close to the knuckle but very, very likeable.  He's also one of my best friends which makes this entry teem with nepotism but...oh well!  His tag team with the brilliant Rosie Ramsey is only a few weeks old but the chemistry is obvious and the way they involve the North East of England is superb.  Get the Capital app, set your location to Tyne & Wear and get them on the Listen Again.

There's no broadcaster quite like Jon Holmes in my opinion.  Jon's a comedy writer who brings that craft to the wireless like no other.  A feature-filled daily show that manages to be familiar and new each time.  Lonely Lunch Club and Daily Debate both worth checking out via the TalkRadio app's Listen Again bit. 

The King of Late Night Radio is back on his throne.  It's a show that feels different every night and has had me laughing, crying, cringing and contemplating since its return.  There is a "Best Bits" Podcast available but, like with Jon Holmes' show, you can jump on the app's "Listen Again" to get the full flavour of a night with Iain. 

Oft imitated, never duplicated.  A content-creating juggernaut that easily fills out 50 minutes of Podcast time per day with ideas that shoot down the tedious notion that all the good ideas in radio have been done.  It's impossible to not be inspired by a show that insisted on being presented from a moving blimp! (download at