Thursday, May 19, 2016

How RAJAR works...I think.

Happy RAJAR Day!! (*sound of crickets chirping*)

Anoraks will have no doubt been on RadioToday, erm, today and had a nosey at how the other half live.  If you're not an anorak and you're wondering why the word RAJAR has made that radio guy you follow on Twitter do a massive cry in the corner...allow me to shed some light.

I've attempted to explain some of the terminology using the most basic of tools - Microsoft Paint and Emojis.  This is how RAJAR works...I think.

Say, every day, I sing to the four cats that live with me.  I sing for an hour and they stay and listen for the whole hour.  That gives me maximum hours and 100% market share.

About 35 minutes in, two of the cats get bored and wonder off.  Despite the fact that two have stayed for the full hour my reach and my listening hours are down.

I sing something different and the two cats return, BUT they bring two strays with them from off the street...that means the audience has increased.

SUDDENLY, Tony Blackburn starts singing nearby.  Three of the cats, bored of hearing me sing, go and listen to Tony singing.  That leaves me with 50% of the market share.

Then Chris Evans starts singing.  Two of my cats and one of Tony's cats goes to listen.  That gives Chris Evans 50% of the market share, leaving Tony with 30% and myself with 20%.

It's a fine science, ya know!