Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Most Annoying Phrase In Radio

"Good morning, it's 8:05 on Tuesday the something.  I'm Johnny Crisps, I hope I find you well..."

How many times have you heard a radio presenter say that? A lot, right?  Usually being said to buy some thinking time, processing the proceeding prose.  "I hope I find you well" is like when you say "erm" when ordering from a menu.  

My issue with "I hope I find you well" is that asking somebody how they are shouldn't be used as filler. The presenter doesn't truly care how you are in THAT MOMENT because, mentally, they're focused on delivering whatever they're going to say next.

Imagine meeting up with a friend and saying "I hope I find you well" and then, without allowing time for that person to process how well they have been found, you simply roll into a hilarious story from your life. It would be weird, right? 

For presenters the way round this is simple: plan your beginning as much as your middle and end. Don't turn the fader up with the metaphorical word turkey half cooked. Find new ways to connect with that person on the other end of the dial, change your style up and, for goodness sake stop hoping that you find me well.

I am fine today, by the way!